Common Cake Issues: Solutions for Baking Success

Over Mixing Batter

You should avoid mixing cupcake batter for a longer period. This makes the ingredients less consistent and makes them more heavy.

Incorrect Oven Temperature

Never set the incorrect temperature as it can harm the dove. Keep a knowledge of adequate temperature for your specific recipe.

Expired Baking Powder

Using an expired baking powder can infect your cupcake and lead to diseases. Instead, you should check the expiration date and then use it.

Ingredients Measurements

Measuring an accurate amount of ingredients is very important. Too low or too high of ingredients can make your cupcakes too dry or too hot.

Opening the Oven Door too Early

This is the most common mistake while making cakes, you should resist the urge to open the door of your oven. This can cause a disturbance in the heating process.