Key Ingredients and Tools for Baking Cakes


Flour is a fine, powdery substance stored in bags or containers. It's essential for giving structure to cakes, helping them hold their shape and texture during baking.


Sugar can appear as granulated white crystals or brown crystals. It's primarily used to sweeten cakes, enhancing flavor and contributing to the cake's overall texture and color.


Eggs are oval-shaped and typically stored in cartons. They add moisture and richness to cakes, helping to bind ingredients together and provide structure to the final baked product.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a white powder usually kept in a container. It's a leavening agent that helps cakes rise by creating air bubbles when combined with acidic ingredients.


Milk is a white liquid stored in bottles or cartons. It adds moisture, richness, and tenderness to cake batter, contributing to a smoother and softer crumb in the finished cake.