How to Make Chocolate Ganache?

Select the right chocolate

Whether you like the bitterness of dark chocolate, the sweetness of white chocolate, or the creaminess of milk chocolate, choose high-quality chocolate suitable for your desired flavor.

Chop the Chocolate

Once you heat the cream and have picked your chocolate, use a sharp knife to chop it into small, even pieces that will melt evenly. Avoid chunks that are too big because they don’t melt as well.

Heat the Cream in a small saucepan

Over medium-low heat, heat the cream until it simmers. Be careful not to boil the cream, which can change the texture of your ganache.

Combine the Chocolate and Cream

After the cream is ready, pour it over the chocolate and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, stir the chocolate gently from the center of the bowl until the chocolate is completely melted, resulting in a smooth texture.

Adjust the Consistency

Finally, you will have to customize the consistency of the ganache for your intended use. Add extra chocolate for a thicker form or more cream for a thinner consistency. Remember, however, that the ganache will firm up during the cooling process.

Cool the Ganache

When the ganache cools down to room temperature, it thickens and then can be spread with a spatula or piped onto a cupcake.