Top 5 Culinary Schools In The World

The Institute Paul Bocuse, Lyon, France

Located in the city of Lyon, France, the Institute Paul Bocuse is recognized for its prestige and is among the best culinary schools in the world. Named after the famous chef Paul Bocuse, this institute offers the highest level of culinary techniques and approaches that are traditional yet modern.

The Culinary Institute of America, New York 

Called as CIA for Culinary Institute of America, this reputed school has campuses in California and New York. The CIA is highly renowned for its esteemed faculty and rigorous programs.

Tsuji Culinary Institute, Osaka, Japan

Situated in the beautiful city of Osaka, Japan, the Tsuji Culinary Institute is recognized for preserving Japanese traditional cuisines and dedication to push the Japanese Culinary Art on the world level.

EHL Hospitality Business School, Switzerland

Located in Switzerland, L’Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) is the top hospitality management school in the world. While this institute has focused more on hospitality, they have specific programs for culinary training,

Chef IBCA, New Delhi, India

Located in the national capital of India is a well-reputed culinary school Chef IBCA. Chef IBCA is not just the Best Culinary School in India but has garnered worldwide prestige for producing the top industry chefs and bakers.