Try these unique types of Indian bread that leave your tongue asking for more.


The parottas are something the malu enjoys almost as much as his spirit and a little more than his wife. Kerala Parotta/Porotta is a layered flatbread cooked with plain flour, a lot of oil, and an egg that is popular in Kerala thattukada (roadside eatery).


Bhakri is one of the most popular forms of parathas (Indian Bread) in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Kerala. This round flatbread, despite being traditional, is quite popular among Gujju’s and Marathis.

Puran Poli

If you understand what delicacy is, you will know what Puranpoli is. It is an Indian delicacy made by stuffing soft whole wheat with soft-cooked yellow lentils, jaggery, or brown sugar in the dough ball.

Akki Roti

Looking for a perfect meal to kick start your morning, you would not say no to this traditional Indian bread called Akki Roti. It is a soft-n-crispy flatbread made with rice flour, grated carrot, and onion, blended with perfect Indian spices.


As the meal gained popularity in Rajasthan, each local ruler added their spin, later known as dal baatichurma. This delicious baati is a traditional Rajasthani bread first boiled in water and then baked in tandoor.


Sheermal is one of Lucknow’s most well-known bread, and Lucknow is noted for its bread, both sweetened and baked. But sheermal is likely the one that has stood the test of time, beloved by both youths and elder people.