9 Common Cake Baking Problems and Solutions

Too Dense

When making cake, the first thing to do is to mix the batter. If your recipe calls for oil, try not to rush this step. Let the air bubbles form!

Cake Overflows

Filling your pan with less batter is the simplest remedy to this cake baking problem. Filling a cake pan halfway to two-thirds of the way up the edges is a good rule of thumb.

Stuck to the Pan

One easy solution to try is to grease the bottom of your pans with shortening instead of cooking spray. It will help keep your cakes from getting stuck to enjoy a perfect dessert every time!

Cake Batter is Too Stiff

Adding too much flour when making cake batter will make your cake come out in a tough, dense texture.

Fruit Falling to the Bottom

If the fruit is overly saturated and dense, it will sink. Whole cherries or strawberries are two examples of huge, luscious fruits that sink in a cake.