The Future Scope of Sustainable Culinary Arts

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5 Skills Every Pastry Chef Should Have

On a daily basis, a pastry chef does more than just combine some flour, sugar, and eggs. The most successful pastry chefs have a variety of […]


Introduction Imagine yourself wrapped up in bed on a rainy day with nowhere to go and a craving for something simple yet tasty. Since many of […]

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Oreos are the biscuit you would choose if you had to choose one to eat every day for the rest of your life. Not the best, […]

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Men used to be the ones who did most of the cooking, but these days, women are becoming more and more important in the kitchen. Over […]

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Introduction Baking is a meticulous task because you need to be exact when measuring. The consequences of any off-track measurements can be catastrophic, as, in other […]


What is a Pastry Chef? Pastry chefs have received training and possess the necessary skills to create pastries, desserts, bread, and other baked delicacies. Pastries are […]

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Flour Most baking recipes call for flour, often known as all-purpose flour or maida in India. It’s sold in branded packets and by the kilo in […]

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Recipe – Read and Repeat It is preferable to read a map before laying the foundation for a house. It is not always sufficient to just […]

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The very word ‘culinary’ means “related to cooking”. Cooking is basically the art and science of preparing food for eating by the application of steam and […]


All the culinary students have this question that always bothers them inside their heads. Most of them generally are quite confident about their placements abroad, however, […]

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In a recently concluded event at Pastry Queen India, our star faculty Chef Ishika Sharaf was declared as the runner up in the All India competition. […]

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